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Journal Papers
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A shooting like method based on the shifted Chebyshev polynomials for solving nonlinear fractional multi-point boundary value problem April 2022
Analysis of the Parameter-Dependent Multiplicity of Steady-State Profiles of a Strongly Nonlinear Mathematical Model Arising From the Chemical Reactor Theory. April 2021
[PDF] from Quasi Interpolation of radial basis functions-pseudospectral method ‎for Solving Nonlinear Klein-Gordon and sine-Gordon equations November 2020
Imposing various boundary conditions on positive definite kernels November 2019
A reproducing kernel Hilbert space approach in meshless collocation method June 2019
A reproducing kernel Hilbert space pseudospectral method for numerical investigation of a two-dimensional capillary formation model in tumor angiogenesis problem July 2019
” Reproducing kernel pseudospectral method for the numerical investigation of nonlinear multi-point boundary value problems. August 2018
A meshless technique based on the pseudospectral radial basis functions method for solving the two-dimensional hyperbolic telegraph equation May 2017
A numerical method for solving a nonlinear inverse parabolic problem January 2010
A numerical solution of an inverse parabolic problem with unknown boundary conditions June 2007
Conference Papers
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The second kind shifted Chebyshev reproducing kernel method for solving two-point fractional boundary value problems February 2022
An iterative reproducing kernel pseudospectral method for the nonlinear fractional three-point boundary value problems August 2021
A shifted Chebyshev collocation method for nonlinear fractional two–point boundary value problem August 2021
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Laplace transform and its applications April 2008